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How does it work


We simplified the process of implementing Virtual Reality into your day to day working environment and support you with every step of the process.


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Implement VR to your profession in 3 easy steps

VR implementation into your healthcare organisation can be done within three easy to follow steps

Step 1
Learn about VR and our extensive library with a free demo

During a free demo our team will let you experience and dive into new possibilities to enhance your practice

Step 2

We set up an extensive implementation plan and arrange all practical details with supporting services.

Stap 3

We provide VR-workshops and a learning environment with support materials and security protocols.

Stap 4
Use VR in daily practise

Use Virtual Reality in daily routines and experience the benefits for your patients and caregivers! SyncVR will be there for you and your organisation with regular evaluations and ongoing support.


“The use of virtual reality changed the procedure for our patient completely. ”

A seven-year-old boy has a significant gash on his upper thigh that needs to be stitched. To distract him, we use a VR headset. The injection for the anesthesia can be quite unpleasant. The patient watches elephants on the VR headset. The injection hurts, and he briefly cries, but he is quickly distracted by the elephants around him. After nine stitches, the boy is done. A week later, I coincidentally meet the boy’s mother. She is grateful for the excellent care her son received and was happy with the distraction provided by the VR headset. By now, the boy is running around again, feeling much better.

– Gitte van Nus (pedagogical caregiver) Tergooi Hospital

Why it works

Supported by leading scientific research

Research is the backbone of what we do and plays a vital role in developing our solutions. Science is continuing to show the effectiveness of VR

Child wearing virtual reality (VR) headset in hospital


Exploring Virtual Reality in Pediatrics: Investigating impact on Pain and Anxiety

Patient wearing a Virtual Reality (VR) headset during a treatment


Systematic review to compare the effectiveness of VR in reducing acute and chronic pain in adults.

Patient at physiotherapy following a rehabilitation programme wearing a Virtual Reality headset


Meta-analysis to assess the effectiveness of Virtual Reality Rehabilitation programs. 

Find out how VR can be at use for your department

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